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Black Friday - NEMO Resort & SPA in Odessa, photo № 1


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Black Friday (Promotion completed)

Children stay free (Promotion completed)

Meet sweet November at NEMO! (Promotion completed)

Week of happiness (Promotion completed)

Meet spring in NEMO (Promotion completed)

Night of love as a gift (Promotion completed)

Sea of Pleasure (Promotion completed)

New Year holidays in Nemo (Promotion completed)

Spring is almost free (Promotion completed)

Buy summer half the price (Promotion completed)

Promotion for COUPLES IN LOVE ♥ (Promotion completed)

8th of March in NEMO (Promotion completed)

We double the gifts for The New Year (Promotion completed)

Night as a gift (Promotion completed)

Children stay free (Promotion completed)

Black Friday (Promotion completed)

SPA as a gift (Promotion completed)

A Halloween night as a gift! (Promotion completed)

SPA tours (Promotion completed)

Just married

Ukraine Defender’s Day (Promotion completed)

Promotion «SPA procedure as a gift» (Promotion completed)

SPA ceremonies

Halloween party at NEMO (Promotion completed)

Transfer as a gift!

Summer 2+1 (Promotion completed)