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Massage and cosmetology center

Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of splendid SPA ceremonies and unique recreational procedures performed by the best professionals! Enjoy every moment spent in harmony of body and soul, and fill your life with positive energy!

Massage and cosmetology center offers a broad range of exclusive SPA procedures and unique body care technologies. There, you will find a SPA capsule, massage rooms, individual hamam (Turkish bath) and Roman bath, Charcot shower, balneal tub with hydro massage, solarium, fito baths and many other.

Massage and cosmetology center: tеl. +38 (048) 705-70-89

Body Masks



Russian Bath

Moroccan body care in Hammam

Procedures in hammam

SPA capsule (Promotion completed)


Exotic procedures

Peelings and scrubbings


Procedures based on Kuyalnik mud

Equipment-assisted procedures

Phyto barrel (Promotion completed)

Facial skin care rituals (Promotion completed)

Facial mask (Promotion completed)