Royal care- Hotel NEMO, Photo № 1

Royal care

Plunge into the world of relaxation and treat yourself to marvelous SPA procedures! Royal Care will bring you true pleasure and immerse you into the atmosphere of bliss!

To soften your body and prepare your skin for Royal Care procedures, you’ll be soaked in Gommage Beldi black soap. Then, the soap is rinsed away and your body is scrubbed, using a kessa (glove), with argan and oil made from bitter orange leaves to remove the upper epidermis layer.

After your skin is cleansed and prepared, your body will be wrapped in white clay, and then, fragrant extract of rose petals will be applied to it. The consecutive change of petitgrain essential oils, Damask rose and jasmine creates strong relaxing effect. Then, to achieve complete relaxation, you’ll be treated to a stunningly relaxing massage. The ceremony ends with moisturizing and nourishing of your whole body.

Royal Care helps balance nervous system, normalize your sleep and enhance immunity.

Duration — 105 min.