Whirlpool foot tub- Hotel NEMO, Photo № 1

Whirlpool foot tub

Whirlpool foot tub

Your legs and feet have many active spots and nerve endings directly connected to important organs: heart, brain and spinal cord. That’s why it is very important to take care of your feet, and take recreational and supporting procedures from time to time.

Whirlpool foot tub will bring you pleasant feelings, help relax, and have positive effect on your whole body. This procedure produces pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on tissue, improves vein tonus and venous blood outflow, reduces swelling. Mechanical impact of different-temperature water flows accelerates blood and lymph circulation, improves metabolic processes and microcirculation.

Your choice of filling:

– bischofite (ancient sea salt)

Bischofite is a natural mineral formed from vapors of an ancient sea, and containing iodine ions, magnesium, calcium, sodium and many other components and microelements. Footbaths with bischofite enrich skin cells with nutrients, and help restore and regenerate skin. These procedures have salutary effect on joints, and are recommended for people with arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis and osteoarthritis.

– herbal extract: chamomile, mint, yarrow, celandine, wild thyme

Herbal bath is widely popular thanks to healing effect it produces. Systematic application of this procedure strengthens immune system and prevents viral diseases.

Duration — 15 min.