Pearl tub- Hotel NEMO, Photo № 1

Pearl tub

Enjoy a pleasant hydrotherapeutic procedure, immersing in a tub filled with pearls! It received such an exquisite name, “pearl tub” thanks to oxygen bubbles appearing in water during hydro massage. These oxygen bubbles resemble pearls.

Water jets streaming at your body during hydro massage stimulate blood circulation and normalize blood pressure. Water enriched with oxygen has salutary effect on skin. The massage relieves muscle strain in your whole body and soothes nerves. This procedure will make you relax, helping restore good sleep, relieving anxiety and bringing peace of mind.

For better effect, we can add various fillings and natural components to a pearl tub.

Your choice of pearl tub filling:

– bischofite (ancient sea salt)

Bischofite is a natural mineral formed from vapors of an ancient sea, and containing iodine ions, magnesium, calcium, sodium and many other components and microelements. Baths with bischofite enrich skin cells with nutrients, and help restore and regenerate skin. These procedures have salutary effect on joints, and are recommended for people with arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis and osteoarthritis.

– young red wine

Active substances contained in grapevine derivatives, such as grape leaves, seeds and skin, have healthy effect on skin, make it soft and elastic, rejuvenate it and produce anti-cellulite effect in problematic areas.

– herbal extract: chamomile, mint, yarrow, celandine, wild thyme

Herbal bath is widely popular thanks to healing effect it produces. Systematic application of this herbal extract-based procedure strengthens immune system and prevents viral diseases.

– milk

Milk is rich in many vitamins and microelements. When taking a milk bath, you will notice how your skin is transforming, becoming soft and smooth. Vitamins А and D contained in milk help rehabilitate your skin, and natural beta-oxoacids cleanse skin of dead cells.

Duration — 20 min.