LPG massage with heating in an infrared sauna- Hotel NEMO, Photo № 1

LPG massage with heating in an infrared sauna

Infrared radiation is absolutely safe for the human body, making unique salutary effect on it. During a session in an infrared sauna under the temperature of 40-60 °С, your body is being heated by heating tissue from the inside, not by heating the air. In addition, this sauna puts no stress on heart and lungs, thus allowing people with cardiovascular diseases to visit it.

Comfortable temperature, pleasing for your body, launches the natural sweating process and produces salutary effect of infrared rays on skin, cleansing and rejuvenating it. During the session, you’ll feel your whole body rehabilitating and your healthy feeling improving. By combining LPG massage with heating in an infrared sauna, you will get rid of cellulite and excessive weight faster, and restore your sleep and normal digestion.

Duration — 50 min.

Price — 700 UAH