Roman steam bath- Hotel NEMO, Photo № 1

Roman steam bath

In Ancient Rome, bath was considered, first of all, a method of healing numerous illnesses. Today, Roman bath retains this sense, and moreover, became widely popular thanks to astonishing results achieved after visiting it. The bath is filled with thick and moist steam which envelops and warms up your whole body. It helps accelerate metabolism and positively changes functional condition of organs. An important advantage of Roman bath is that the warmth produces salutary effect on your respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Steam bathing relieves depression and tiredness, and makes you relax, both physically and mentally, and enjoy the procedure.

Combining the visit to Roman bath with such SPA procedures as massage, rubbing, peeling, etc. produces excellent cosmetological and physiological results: your skin becomes smooth and elastic, signs of cellulite and extra kilos of weight disappear, and your body cleanses and rejuvenates!

Duration — 30 min.