Berber spa ritual with moisturizing- Hotel NEMO, Photo № 1

Berber spa ritual with moisturizing

Allow yourself to relax and receive true pleasure, immersing into the atmosphere of bliss! This marvelous SPA ritual will help you relax and restore your vigor.

A Berber SPA ritual program consists of several phases:

  1. It begins with steaming-out of your body, widely opening skin pores;
  2. After steaming-out, you’ll be soaked in Gommage Beldi black soap with eucalyptus essential oil. The black soap softens the upper epidermis layer, allowing to naturally and effectively remove dead cells and open up oil glands to release toxins;
  3. The black soap is rinsed away, and you are treated to kessa peeling;
  4. Wrapping the body in ghassoul (Moroccan clay) enriched with seven herbs;
  5. While your body remains wrapped in clay, you’ll enjoy pleasant ablution of your hair with application of a nourishing mask;
  6. A while later, everything is rinsed off and you take a contrast dousing;
  7. After hamam procedures, your whole body is moisturized;
  8. The ritual ends with foot steaming in herbal bath and tea drinking.

Duration — 80 min.