Quay and park

An official start of Lanzheron quay with fountains,designed by more than 1000 specialists, took place in Odessa In June 15 in 2013.It was a present to a city from Nemo resort. The quay got the price “Golden Arch” and become a favorite place of having a rest for local inhabitants and guests.

The quay and fountain square are always open for visiting and local people are proud of it. The President of Ukraine took naval parade here, different kinds of festivals and TV projects took place here too.

Lanzheron quay is one of the most beautiful quays in Europe. What can be better than evening walks among fountains or sea admiring one sunny day, sitting near the palm tree on the bench-flowerbed? And we tried to make your way to the sea the most comfortable one. There is a wonderful park near the quay: you can admire the great variety of trees such as: acacia, which is popular in Odessa, and also Crimea pine-trees, platans (sycamore),plump Pyssardiya, linden, ash-tree, maples and many other plants.

For our little guests there is a playground among sakuras and acacia in blossom. There are for about ten different park amusements next to the labyrinth. The whole complex is designed in yellow, green and brown colors and ideally suits the landscape.

Fresh sea air, European quay, park, Black Sea sun nearby friendly dolphins are waiting for you!