Beauty salon

1-stt floor, left side

Beauty Salon “L’Oreal” is the most successful place for those who is used for VIP services. Our location is on the first floor of five stars “Nemo” Hotel. Getting into here you’ll find yourself in the world of beauty and comfort. In our styled hall, equipped in accordance with modern tendency, you will be met by our friendly and qualified masters. They will create a styled image, which will show your individuality. During the procedure you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, after visiting our salon you will have lots of compliments.

Our specialists work only with high quality brands: «Kerastase», «L’OREAL Professional», «MATRIX», «INOA», «SUDA» and others.

Among our unique offers for you there is a program of a complex hair treatment.

Every treatment «KERASTASE» is original and effective. You will notice the effect from the very first procedure.

“Soft Care” treatment
This kind of treatment is for damaged, colored hair. Removes elements of color damaging, makes hair shiny. Frizzy hair become smooth and leek.

“Smoothing” treatment

This treatment is recommended for unruly, coarse and very dry hair. This treatment will make your hair more soft and smooth. Magic texture and aroma will complete the treatment and can change your personal imagination of your hair thanks to intensive oil nourishing .

“Vital Force” treatment

For split and weakened hair, lacking force and elasticity. This technology renews inner hair structure, making your hair strong and alive.

“Stimulation” treatment

This treatment is recommended in case of hair loss and for loss prevention. Patented molecular formula Aminexil – it is the only effective treatment for hair loss prevention.

«KERASTASE» is a hair care set which you can buy after treatments «KERASTASE».

We are also glad to offer you different kinds of hair styling and coloring.

Any treatment of hair care is followed by a special gift for our guests. It is an innovated treatment for all hair types using Ionized Bulb which makes your hair shiny and strong.

Our specialists often recommend Arsonvalization – it is weak pulse of high voltage and frequency effect. Devise Arsonval reinforces hair follicles, makes an antiseptic and drying scalp effect. Helps hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Nails Care

Our specialists will provide you with a perfect effect and a luxury nails look. We are working with leading trade marks: “Creative American Beauty”, “Harmony”, “OPI”, “Gehwol”, «SUDA»:

Phone: +38 (048) 720-70-75