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Abdomen is the most problem body area of many women. Ancient Chinese sages considered that this area is the most impartment energetic body center. Because due to massage you will get not only rid of body fat, but also get a boost of energy and good mood. As result of this medical and wellness treatment is:

• slender waist;

• elastic abdominal wall;

• complete elimination of stagnation in the gastrointestinal tract;

•  emergence of a sense of comfort in the abdomen;

• improving metabolism;

•  improving intestinal peristalsis;

•  normalization of body weight;

• getting rid of cellulite

With every massage you will see how your body changes, the skin becomes elastic and lifted, its color and structure improves, recharge your vitality and strength.

The recommended course is 4-10 procedures.

The cost is 500 UAH / 30 minutes.