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Oceanarium is temporarily closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you want to walk on the ocean floor, to admire the inhabitants of the coral reefs, to see the life of the underwater world, get acquainted with the inhabitants of rivers, lakes, tropical forests and hot deserts, to realize your desire is easier than you imagine.

In our oceanarium we collected the most interesting, colorful, unusual representatives of fauna of our planet. You will find fish-sniper and blind fish – inhabitants of Mexico caves, freshwater amazing stingrays and legendary piranhas, formidable marine predators – sharks and moray eels, beautiful underwater gardens and, of course, the famous Nemo and his family! Getting out of the depths of the sea to the land, you will meet with the fastest lizard in the world and the largest and most poisonous toad, enormous spiders and scorpions, see water dragons and “crocodiles of the desert”, you will be awarded an audience with the serpent-king…

Total collection of Oceanarium “Nemo” in Odessa is now collected 218 species of animals and fish – 101 species of fish, 72 species of invertebrates and 42 species of reptiles and amphibians. This is the biggest collection in the city!

You will get an unforgettable experience watching the animals, can be photographed next to them, and our guides will introduce you to the wonderful world of wildlife!

In our oceanarium NEMO you will find a lot of surprises and extraordinary meetings – come and touch the miracle!



Every inhabitant of the oceans has its own characteristics and its own history, and the most interesting of these stories we hope to tell you on our show case.

In the first, the freshwater part of the audience there is river stingrays and large catfish, piranhas and other famous skilled predators are able to grab prey from ambush, jumping out of the water, and even shoot their prey. Meet the fish that breathe air and walk on the land and live in caves in total darkness. Colorful fish from distant African lakes and small streams, ready to please the beauty of everyone who visited our exhibit.

In our marine aquariums are the inhabitants of coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is not only fish but also coral, anemones, sea stars, sea urchins and other incredible animals. Magnificent angelfish, butterfly fish, fish-surgeons, clown fish, fish balls will certainly be remembered by every guest.

The most daring of travelers are not afraid of meeting with sharks, poisonous and biting guards of maritime domain. The Black Sea fishes are also presented at the exhibition, can surprise even those for whom the Black Sea is a native and familiar.

The oceanarium aquarium room for all our visitors, we offer to watch the best nature documentaries that are shown on the big screen.


Welcome to the Exotarium!

In our exotarium you can get acquainted with the amazing creatures: giant scorpions, huge hairy tarantula, tropical flying cockroaches and their closest relatives is stick insects that are very well mimic the dry twigs, spikes and other vegetation. Another fantastic inhabitant of Exotarium is fish that can move on land, and even climb trees!

World of animals is infinitely varied and you can find many interesting things in every corner of the planet. In the Exotarium you see such representatives of tropical forests, as the fastest lizard in the world; the largest and most poisonous toad; snake that spends all his life in the trees; the biggest geckos and the gecko, which sees in the dark better than the people in the afternoon. Also, you will meet with the snakes, caring parents, the most raison lizards, chameleons, that “talk” with the help of color…

Desert dwellers are no less interesting and varied. This is the largest Australian skink, and curious agama, and of course the famous “desert crocodiles” is monitor lizards.

Just half an hour in the Oceanarium “Nemo” you will be able to visit all parts of the world and get acquainted with the very unusual inhabitants of the seas, rivers, oceans and land!

All hotel guests receive a 20% discount for visiting Oceanarium “Nemo”.

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