Dolphin assisted therapy

Dolphin assisted therapy is recognized all around the world like a non specific method of strengthens the body’s defenses for people of all ages.

Dolphin assisted therapy like a psychotherapeutic method is based on the communication between dolphin and human. For person this communication is a source of colorful and positive emotions that give a powerful push to the recovery.

Swimming with dolphins is a measure of treatment by ultrasound vibrations that are reproduced by the most wonderful creatures of our planet. Sound emitted by dolphins influences on the cerebrum and helps to get rid of some diseases. Dolphin is a catalyst starting the mechanisms of a therapeutic process.


Courses of dolphin therapy consist of 5 and 10 exercises; duration of exercises is 25 or 30 minutes.

Every exercise includes 2 components:

  • Communicative – communication between dolphin and child in water.
  • Gaming includes several exercises and tasks, child develops his motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Indications for passing a course of therapy:

  • Infantile cerebral paralysis
  • Early infantile autism
  • Minimal brain dysfunction
  • Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder;
  • Down syndrome;
  • Psycho verbal development delay;
  • Behavioral disorders;
  • Neuroses and logo neurosis;
  • Psychosomatic disorders;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder


  • Epilepsy
  • Oncological diseases
  • Infectious skin diseases

Therapy results:

  • Improves the movement coordination;
  • Increases the speed of learning new motor skills;
  • Stabilizes the mood;
  • Increased the self-esteem;
  • Developing of the communicative sphere;
  • New knowledge is quickly acquired and develop thinking

Dolphin assisted therapy is first of all completely approach, taking attention into the individual patient features.

Dolphin assisted therapy effect greatly enhances at carrying out classic kind of physiotherapy in common (massages, physical therapy, laser therapy, electro stimulation and etc.). The scientists also point that classes with speech therapist, psychologist, and pathologist are much more productive and gives the greatest result during and after dolphin therapy.