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Charcot shower

Charcot shower is one of the forms of hydrotherapy, an effective method of relieving tension, tiredness and depression, and invigorating muscles and skin. During this procedure, you’ll be showered with strong jets of water whose power can be adjusted, if necessary. First, your body is treated on all sides with a radial jet, followed by directional jets aimed at problematic areas, sides, buttocks, hips, stomach, legs, arms and back. High pressure produces massaging effect on these areas of the body.

The most important thing in Charcot shower is temperature change (from 20 to 40°C). This contrast helps achieve the desired effect: improving blood circulation and functioning of blood vessels, boosting general tonus and enhancing immunity, removing toxins and congested liquid, and improving healthy feeling.

Duration — 15 min.

Price — 300 UAH